The creative endeavors of University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s senior visual arts students will come to fruition this Saturday during the opening of a week-long display of their bodies of work at the college’s annual Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition.

As up-and-coming generations seek to recapture a sense of independence from the overwhelming grasp of corporate America, graduating visual arts senior Lillian Aguinaga acknowledged the contrary in her work, portraying the willingness of many to yield their freedoms to figures of power in a series of paintings titled “Manipulation and Free Will.”

“Authorities of ambiguous character tempt with offerings disguised as something wanted or needed,” she said in her artist’s statement, noting that “we willingly submit to their temptations,” although they may not be in our best interests.

Aguinaga’s work portrays contrasting images of dominance and submission, such as a businessman gazing from the window of his skyscraper office as a pen and paper lie in close perspective, implicating the seemingly contractual document is pending a signature.

Aguinaga’s work will be exhibited among 26 other graduating visual arts seniors at the exhibition, which will include displays from graphic design, computer animation, painting, photography, media and sculpture students who have each developed an individual body of work for their senior thesis projects.

Coordinated by visual arts professor John Hathorn and assistant professor Jeffery Lush, the student work is developed through two semester-long courses which “are structured to foster self discovery through rigorous and sustained studio experimentation,” according to UL Lafayette’s Department of Visual Arts Web site.

The BFA Exhibition’s opening is Saturday, April 24 at 2:30 p.m. and will continue through Saturday, May 1.

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